Fleet Management Service at an Affordable Price

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2023.02.01. 12:00

After a one-month trial period at an affordable price, we created urbaniqe, a mobile fleet assistant, with artificial intelligence for small and medium-sized businesses with a car fleet. Unlike traditional tools, the app documents all trips and generates reports to fully manage your fleet.

Fleet management is an administrative approach that allows companies to manage and coordinate the distribution and use of company vehicles and increase efficiency. This is mainly done to reduce costs and comply with legal requirements. The traditional tool for this task is the GPS tracker, which must be purchased or rented for a significant monthly fee and with a commitment to the service for a predetermined period of time. In addition, companies must pay a subscription fee for each vehicle, as well as additional costs for roaming and installation. 

Urbaniqe is an intuitive digital fleet assistant supported by artificial intelligence, designed specifically for small and medium-sized businesses with smaller fleets. The application was developed for smartphones, so we can now track drivers and their assigned vehicles from the device in our pocket, and also monitor the costs of vehicles used in the business from the device. The application does not require continuous, active use of the downloader, as the data is provided by artificial intelligence, which makes it possible to determine the route of vehicles fed into the system. Urbaniqe is automatically activated when the vehicle starts and begins the measurement, and is deactivated when it stops. It then automatically records the journey, which includes the distance traveled, the time spent driving, speed, relative speed to traffic and environment, and time spent at stops. From this, reports are created, and past routes can be played back, from which you can read out any speeding driving, the driving style of drivers, the average consumption, or the evolution of emissions. Urbaniqe is immediately available, as it just needs to be downloaded and registered in the application. The solution is payable per month per vehicle, and there is no need for any investment or commitment. 

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