Mobile application for smaller company fuel costs

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2023.02.23. 9:45

Rising fuel prices, and aging vehicles - several factors influence the environmental efforts of businesses. Urbaniqe is an app that helps make the daily operations of fleet-owning small and medium-sized businesses more cost- and environmentally friendly, based on the analysis that runs in the background.

Statistics show that one of the largest expenses for companies with vehicle fleets is fuel for their vehicles. We don't have to be in the industry to know that the price of gasoline and diesel is constantly increasing: currently, the price of oil is around $90 per barrel. Every company needs to keep track of its fleet expenses from time to time, and urbaniqe offers an automated alternative that collects relevant data. To operate a company more cost-effectively in terms of fuel consumption, it's a good idea to examine the driving habits of your drivers. If a vehicle's driver frequently revs the engine unnecessarily or drives aggressively, with sudden stops and acceleration, the vehicle's consumption can be 15-20% higher. The application helps with both average consumption and driving style, helping you and your drivers drive in a style that is in line with the values of your company. Wasteful behavior is difficult to track, but urbaniqe has a digital fleet assistant that can produce reports that can help you keep track of when and how much your drivers have driven overall, as well as the different modes of use, or how much time they spent at each station. 

The overuse of company vehicles for personal use can also pose a problem in the fuel budget of companies. In practice, it's often difficult to separate work-related and private trips when calculating the monthly fuel bill, and the administration often relies on the employee's declaration, so the error factor is often quite high. Another advantage of the application is that before starting the route, the driver marks in the application whether the trip is for business or personal purposes so urbaniqe helps to separate the routes based on their purpose, so the total performance of the fleet can be significantly reduced. 

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