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Emprovia Zrt. is a Hungarian technology start-up developing innovative and affordable sustainable mobility solutions. It was founded in 2020 by senior business leaders with many years of multinational management and entrepreneurial experience.  
Levente Tóth
CEO & Founder 


a Green Fleet Management app


Our first step towards smart mobility was to revolutionise urban fleet management with the urbaniqe app. This easy-to-use, smartphone-based fleet management software is designed for cars and vans operated by small and medium-sized businesses.

Decarbonisation at your fingertips

What makes urbaniqe different from similar apps on the market is its decarbonisation feature, which means that businesses can offset the carbon emissions of their fleets by purchasing carbon credits within the app.

urbaniqe decarbonization | round green icon with a white leaf symbol

ESG compliance even for ICE fleets

This option significantly improves ESG compliance, as an immediate certification of purchase attached to ESG reporting. This feature is beneficiary companies that have a younger fleet of internal combustion engine vehicles and do not plan to purchase electric vehicles in the near future.

certificate green

Green financing fleet electrification with carbon credits

For companies ready to electrify their vehicles, we offer a green financing solution.

The technology shift will result in reduced greenhouse gas emissions, allowing you to generate carbon credits - and these carbon credits can be sold on the voluntary carbon market.

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Sounds like the next cover story?

We welcome all enquiries where we can introduce the carbon credit market, sustainable mobility opportunities or our 'brain child', the urbaniqe app.

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