Green fleet management

ESG compliance
for combustion engine vehicle fleets 

Track your fleet's daily operations and enjoy the benefits of decarbonisation - all in one application!


green fleet management

Fleet management

Manage your fleet data quickly and easily!  
No more expired documents or missed services appointments!

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Real-time and historical vehicle tracking 

Track or replay your vehicles' journeys with detailed analysis: speed, acceleration, fuel consumption, speeding and more!

360° reporting 

We give you a deeper insight into your fleet with 16 different types of reports.
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Environmental consciousness

We help you become more environmentally conscious by tracking your vehicles' fuel consumption, CO2 emissions and drivers' driving styles.
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Use our app to reduce or neutralise your fleet's CO2 emissions by purchasing carbon credits

Urbaniqe is a green fleet management service with an in-app decarbonisation feature. 

Our three-step solution focuses on reducing greenhouse gas emissions from combustion engine vehicle fleets and achieving corporate ESG targets. 

Step one: awareness

Our vehicle and fleet-level reports give you an accurate picture of your fleet's CO2 emissions.

Step two: reduction

By reducing private usage and improving your driving style, you can save up to 15% in greenhouse gas emissions - and costs. 

Step three: offsetting

Within the app, you can buy carbon credits to offset your vehicle's carbon emissions.

As carbon credits come from projects that have a proven, active contribution to reducing CO2 in the atmosphere, you can also support these initiatives by purchasing them.  

(For more information on carbon credits that can be purchased in the urbaniqe app, click here).

Enjoy the benefits without any risk  

For a 1-month trial period, we'll provide you with up to 3 on-board diagnostic (OBD) devices for free! 
Contact our sales representative Levente Tóth!

The monthly subscription fee for urbaniqe is

gross 5.90 EUR/ user

For this monthly fee we offer you the following services:

Fleet administration

Web access | Smartphone application | Smartphone vehicle tracking | Ad hoc and scheduled reports | Fleet, vehicle and driver level reports | Alerts and notifications | Full fleet administration | Map and list view of routes | Edit and replay routes | Digital fleet assistant | POI management 


Green fleet management

Driving style analysis | Greenhouse gas emissions monitoring | Fuel consumption and cost monitoring | urbaniqe index | Rush-hour usage analysis 


ESG compliance 

In-app carbon credit purchase (decarbonisation) | Carbon offset certificate (downloadable, attachable to ESG report)

For your custom offer, please contact our sales representative Levente Tóth! 

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