So your company is dedicated towards sustainability - let's involve everyone in turning your fleet green!

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2023.09.06. 8:48

Employers and employees can join forces to lower the CO2 emission of the most loved benefit - yes, that is company cars.

Going green is nothing new - in fact, this is more and more the sensible decision for companies willing to stay in the game. Thinking beyond gaining profit and caring about their broader environment is not only a request demanded by customers, but employees as well. So why not turn one of the most popular benefits into a great initiative of climate action?

Let’s take a look at how Urbaniqe can help you make your benefit cars - carbon-free! Our two-step process encourages both employees and employers take their part in the fight against global warming.

Step 1 - Employees: Lower your emission

Having a company car is a great feeling. These vehicles often embody a sort of prestige - new and shiny, with an added benefit of a generous fuel card. If you have kids, your trusty company car is most likely your best ally when it comes to delivering them to their school and after school classes. If you love to travel, you will most probably enjoy the comfort of your company car on long road trips. And if you are a people’s person, you will definitely help your neighbours bring home their IKEA furniture with your company car.

And there’s nothing wrong with that.

But there’s nothing wrong with being mindful about your car-usage either.

Urbaniqe’s reporting features help you keep track of your work related and private routes, your fuel consumption, as well as your driving style. All this information is there for you, to improve the way you use your car. We believe that most drivers could cut down about 15% of their usage - and their CO2 emissions!!! - by only being more mindful.

Our tips to help you start your CO2 lowering journey

  • Team up with 2-3 colleagues to carpool to work
  • If one is available, leave your car at a P+R, and hop on public transportation
  • Be more conscious about the way you drive - obey the speed limit, accelerate and brake gently and gradually, and be mindful about the road ahead. Experts at the Department of Energy say, such little changes can improve your fuel economy by up to 40%. (Source:

Step 2 - Employers: help round that zero!

So your employees are dedicated towards cutting back on their mobility emissions. How can you support their efforts?

First of all, Urbaniqe’s fleet management feature will help you track their progress in real time. (Remember, the goal is transparency, not control!) You can offer incentives for employees who reach their targets, and both of you will be able to see it in the app, whether it happened or not.

And if it did, you can step in, and with a tap of a finger, eliminate the rest. Urbaniqe has a built-in feature that allows you to purchase carbon credits from the Voluntary Carbon Market, so this way you can further or fully neutralize the CO2 emissions of your fleet.

You will be able to download a certification of your purchase and use it in your ESG reporting. Even if you are not falling under the ESRS regulations (yet!), you can use it to reach a better market position, and, honestly, to show that you put your money where your mouth is.


We at Urbaniqe are passionate about sustainable urban mobility, and believe that whatever we do, we do it best in the company of others. This is why we encourage employers and employees to join their efforts, and by doing their parts, they can turn their company fleets carbon neutral.


Illustration from Unsplash