An alternative for environmentally friendly driving

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2023.09.05. 9:04

Rising fuel prices and aging vehicles - many factors influence the environmental efforts of businesses. Urbaniqe is an application that helps make the daily operations of fleet-owning businesses cost-effective and environmentally friendly, based on the analysis it performs in the background. 

Research shows that currently in Eastern and Central Europe, about 20% of small businesses have committed to greener solutions in the field of driving. This may seem like a small number, but it has doubled in the past two years and continues to grow. Surveys on eco-friendly driving also confirm that the fleets operated by SME owners are, on average, over 10 years old. Unfortunately, the majority of these businesses cannot afford to purchase larger quantities of vehicles that produce less or zero emissions. This shows that the aging vehicle fleet is the biggest obstacle to making businesses greener. However, we do not give up the dream of making our urban environment more sustainable, so urbaniqe works on the basis of a revolutionary approach. 

One of the main innovations of urbaniqe is that it can provide eco-friendly solutions without requiring a replacement of the vehicle fleet or installation of onboard devices in vehicles. With the help of artificial intelligence in the application, the driving style of drivers is constantly analyzed based on factors such as horizontal and vertical acceleration and traffic speed. For this, we only use cheap and almost always available location data thanks to smartphones carried by drivers, which we complement with data from large map and vehicle databases for the appropriate analysis. By collecting position data from drivers' phones, we can accurately determine the vehicle's consumption and emissions at any given moment, in addition to the driving style. The application can convert these data into reports or send notifications and alerts in the case of exceptional data. You can easily access the reports to see how your drivers care for their company cars, how they develop and how they reduce your company's ecological footprint.