urbaniqe opens new horizon in urban mobility

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2022.10.11. 15:51

A revolutionary new solution for urban company fleets has arrived in the form of an innovative mobile application that can help reduce fuel costs and fleet administration while also becoming more eco-conscious! 

Urbaniqe is a revolutionary new smartphone-based fleet management service that can help you cut down your fleet fuel expenses by up to 15%, you can get rid of the complicated, paper-based or Excel-based administration of vehicle use. What is more, urbaniqe facilitates more environmentally friendly car use.

What exactly is urbaniqe, and when did it set out on its conquering journey?

The vision of the urbaniqe application was created in 2020 with the idea that there is no investment-free, sufficiently cheap, and free-to-try version of telematics services based on vehicle tracking made specifically for small businesses with less than ten vehicles.

This means that until now, a small firm had to invest a large amount of money to manage the gasoline costs of its fleet and company cars, as well as the administration of mileage and automobile use for different purposes so that valuable hours from working time were not taken away.

What makes urbaniqe unique?

Based on the success of this summer's market launch, we can confidently state that the application assists in the following areas.

In short you can:

  • cut your fuel costs by 15%,
  • make the use and mileage of your fleet more understandable
  • eliminate the unnecessary stress that fleet management can cause
  • switch to more environmentally friendly car use.


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You can save up to 15% on your fuel costs.

Using urbaniqe, we are able to differentiate between personal and company use of a vehicle, as well as between commuting and work trips.

In addition to this, we can also upload fuel receipts to the application.

Gasoline expenses with intelligent reports can be optimized. Also, using the application, we can save up to 15%, even from the second month.

You can now try urbaniqe free for up to 60 days! Click here to download urbaniqe!

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Reducing the stress that fleet administration causes

Without the need for installing an on-board device in the car, urbaniqe collects car usage and mileage data automatically via an AI-powered smartphone app.

We can collect and download car and driver data at our leisure, saving us a lot of time and money.

If you have a fleet, try it out free for up to 60 days! More information is available by clicking here.


With the help of urbaniqe, you can become an environmentally conscious driver.

One of urbaniqe's key innovations is its ability to give eco-friendly solutions that do not involve the installation of any onboard equipment in vehicles.

With the artificial intelligence used in the app, you can continuously monitor your drivers' driving styles, allowing you to calculate the current amount of your fleet's CO2 emissions in advance.

Even if you have an aging car fleet and cannot afford to invest huge sums in a zero-emission company car fleet, you can contribute to a sustainable environment by using urbaniqe. Try urbaniqe free for up to 60 days! If you are interested, click here!

In conclusion, urbaniqe is a digital fleet management assistant that can be used on a smartphone to help you minimize your fuel expenses and reduce the stress of managing your fleet. This way, you can achieve more environmentally conscious car use.