Decarbonize your fleet's carbon footprint

2023.05.22. | Tóth Levente | 2:04


Better way for fleet management!

2023.03.01. | Tóth Levente | 1:43

Fleet management

Interested to save on fuel expenses?

2023.02.24. | Tóth Levente | 1:55

Fuel saving

Why urbaniqe is a better way?

2023.02.17. | Tóth Levente | 1:42

How can urbaniqe help you manage fleets in a better way?

2022.11.24. | Luca Farkas | 1:19

This video gives you an overview of the urbaniqe app. You can have an insight around the key benefits of the application for small businesses operating urban fleets, like the opportunity of fuel saving, the simpliness fleet administration on your phone and the possibility of becoming green by just a few clicks. Finally, it explains how easy it is for you to sign up for a free trial.