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Do you have challenging ESG goals or customer requests to offset the carbon footprint of your business? Urbaniqe gives you a simple, affordable, green fleet management solution on your mobile to run a carbon-free corporate fleet.

Do you have an aging corporate fleet and don't know how to lower or offset the carbon footprint?

With AI-driven fuel consumption, CO2 emission, and driving style reports, urbaniqe gives you valuable insights to help you to lower the carbon footprint by 15% also for aged fleets.
Do you want to create a green brand but want to avoid being judged as doing greenwashing? Carbon credits represent amounts of greenhouse gases already removed from the atmosphere. Offsetting with them cannot be called greenwashing by no means.

How can I go green with urbaniqe?

CO2 Reports

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With the extensive use of AI running only your mobile phone, urbaniqe continuously estimates your actual fuel consumption and CO2 emission. This gives you valuable insight into how large the volume of harmful greenhouse gases you produce when driving.

Driving Style

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The application gives you instant feedback on your driving behavior whether it is conscious, balanced, dynamic, speeder, or even aggressive compared to other drivers. With this insight, you can improve your driving style to save on fuel and maintenance expenses and lower CO2 emissions.

Urbaniqe index

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Urbaniqe index is an overall compound rating of your eco-consciousness when driving based on driving style, CO2 emissions, and relative speed to traffic. It helps you to see the relative evolution of your driving behavior on an ascending scale from zero to ten.

Carbon Credits


Urbaniqe provides you access to the voluntary carbon credit market. You can in-app purchase carbon credits to offset the carbon footprint of selected refuels. Around the transaction, we issue carbon offset certificates as transparent proof of decarbonization made. 

How carbon offsetting works?

Urbaniqe provides you an easy access to the voluntary carbon credit market. Carbon credits are carbon-offsetting assets issued by companies invested in a green economy and accredited by international organizations. They represent amounts of CO2 and other greenhouse gases already removed from the atmosphere and stored in carbon sinks. In urbaniqe, you can in-app purchase carbon credits to offset the total carbon footprint of selected refuels belonging to a project or represent a given period. Around the transaction, you receive an official carbon offset certificate as proof of successful decarbonization made. Certificates can easily be traced back to transparent international registries. With this certificate, urbaniqe gives you transparent proof of the decarbonization made, that you can use to audit your ESG compliance, attach to proposals submitted to potential buyers requesting carbon-free operations, and avoid being judged as doing greenwashing. Re-invest your savings realized on fuel expenses into the green economy with urbaniqe!

What benefits urbaniqe provides?

Ikonok_urbaniqe-315% fuel saving

You will be always in control of your vehicle-related costs and can save up to 15% on fuel expenses if you act according to our recommendations.

Ikonok_urbaniqe-4100% carbon offsetting

We provide you with driving style, fuel consumption, and CO2 emission reports together with an in-app purchase option to decarbonize your refuels.

Ikonok_urbaniqe-0210+ hours saving on administration

By using automated reports, trip replay and easy driver-to-vehicle allocation, you can save up to 30% of your time spent on fleet administration.

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