"Increasing fuel prices are undermining the profitability of our business because we have limited chances to pass it onto the multinational customer base, we have long term agreements with.  Implementing urbaniqe gave us a great cost-management opportunity to simply separate business and private use of vehicles and we saved over 15% on fuel cost immediately without any upfront investment made into onboard devices. It was a wow feeling for me that we can make it just with our smartphones!"- Vasile, a small business owner. 

Vasile is a proud owner of a successful wholesale company based in Bucharest working in the HoReCa industry. The company trades with paper towels, soaps and dispensers which they obtain from multiple factories all around Romania. Vasile’s business has 8 Vans besides his company car. Drivers are using the cars for private purposes as well, but without a transparent system in place changes in usage types were hard to follow. Vasile couldn’t separate business trips from private use which led to massive over usage in terms of mileage and fuel costs. 

Having downloaded urbaniqe, car usage administration is not a challenge anymore. Vasile can easily follow up on the trips in real-time and can replay them later. Drivers administer changes in usage modes with one click on their phones and register fuel slips by the intelligent scan. Meanwhile, milage data are being tracked automatically by their smartphones in a revolutionary new way. Vasile pretty much likes the hassle-free mobile-first concept and the thing that he didn’t have to invest into costly onboard units, just make the drivers download the app. Instant fuel consumption and mileage reports separating usage modes made him able to manage fuel expenses in a better way resulting in 15% immediate saving within just 2 months!  

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