"Before we started using urbaniqe, collecting car usage and fuel data from drivers caused me headaches every single week. Now, I just get the data with a few clicks and the stress is over for good. Thanks to urbaniqe I can do what I am hired for in a much better way!" - Anna, service coordinator. – Anna  

Anna is working as service administrator of a Gdansk based electric engineering company in northern Poland. Her main role is to keep operational contact with the customers and run the billing activities besides handling all fleet administration. Although the fleet is only of five vehicles used by 10 technicians in shifts, fleet administration is overwhelming because of the hot change system of drivers’ seats among drivers. Since drivers always change the vehicles they drive, it led to a complex and costly administrative process very hard to follow. As a consequence, fleet & fuel administration takes up to 20% of her working hours per week.  

Once, she gained more information on urbaniqe she decided to make the fleet management tasks for herself much easier by presenting the service to her employer. The supervisor found it very useful too and subscribed for the free trial to see how a lightweight mobile-first solution could help to improve the speed and quality of the fleet-related workflows in the company. In that month, she managed the technicians to use the app regularly. They documented everything with a few clicks on their phones, and she just had to reconcile with them. As a result, she had successfully reduced the time spent with fleet & fuel administration by more than 50%. This means Anna saved up to half a day every week to spend more quality time with the beloved customers she has been hired for. 

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