What we offer: decarbonization. What you gain: a brighter future.

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2023.05.26. 9:16

From simple everyday methods to accessible management services, numerous tools are available to companies to reduce their CO2 emissions. What's more, through carbon trading, even small and medium-sized participants in the transportation industry can support projects that are proven to mitigate greenhouse gas emissions resulting from human activities. We, too, are embracing forward-thinking and efficient alternatives: in the urbaniqe mobile application, you can now exchange your CO2 emissions for carbon credits! 

Our application provides the opportunity to purchase carbon credits, allowing you to support green projects. The current project implemented in Yangcun, China, comprises a run-of-river hydropower station. It will export renewable hydropower to the Central China Grid, replacing electricity from fossil fuel-based power plants connected to the Central China Grid, therefore reducing greenhouse gas emissions. The main purpose of the project activity is to generate electricity through sustainable means using hydropower resources and selling the generated output to the state-owned Central China Power Grid (CCPG) utility. The project activity will contribute to climate change mitigation efforts and the sustainable development goals of China – and to a greener world. 

To make your business greener and reduce your environmental footprint, you only need to record your refueling receipts in our application and indicate which refueling transactions you want to decarbonize. The app determines the exact amount of CO2 that needs to be offset to decarbonize the emission released into the air. You can redeem your emitted CO2 quantity for carbon credits, which now can be purchased from a hydropower station in China that has already verified the offsetting of a total of 10,000 kilograms (about the weight of a school bus). 

Purchasing carbon credits helps transform your business into a greener entity, improves your company's reputation, and allows you to contribute not only to a good cause but also to the betterment of future generations' living conditions. Additionally, the credits purchased through the urbaniqe application can be applied towards ESG compliance. ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) is a set of rules that companies can follow to operate in a more environmentally conscious and sustainable manner. They can make commitments regarding the changes they will implement in the three areas of ESG (Environment, Society, and Governance) to achieve the objectives outlined in the Paris Climate Agreement. A business-oriented, realistic green approach: that is the value proposition of urbaniqe.