We are a purpose company

Emprovia is a technology start-up company, founded in 2020 by senior business executives with proven leadership and entrepreneurial experience with a clear purpose. The company was born to democratize telematics for small businesses by developing easy-to-access, innovative and affordable urban mobility solutions. Our mission is to make modern urban life more sustainable. The corporate values of Emprovia are centred around agility when it comes to the continuous need for improvement, smartness to always come up with intuitive solutions, a risk-taking attitude to bravely move into unknown technologies and untapped markets and a strong benefit focus on value propositions.

Urban mobility vision led to urbaniqe

Emprovia has a strong long-term urban mobility vision. We strongly believe in the transformation of urban mobility to become smarter and more flexible in terms of the mix of mobility solutions in use, more sustainable when it comes to lowering the carbon footprint of urban fleets, and more people-focused taking the stress out of urban mobility. As a first step on the journey towards smart urban mobility, we revolutionize urban fleet management with urbaniqe. It is nothing else than a lightweight smartphone-based digital fleet management assistant uniquely designed for passenger cars and light-commercial vehicles operated by small businesses to manage their urban fleets in a better way. We are here to help our customers significantly decrease urban mobility expenses and eliminate stress from fleet management for good. They can even lower the carbon footprint of ageing fleets and make information on the estimated time of arrival a free public good for sharing.