"Going green is quite a big challenge for us taking into consideration the average age of our vehicle fleet above 8 years. We want to protect the environment, but we simply cannot afford to invest in replacing old vehicles from one day to another. With urbaniqe we can go green in a better way also with an aged fleet!"- Szymon, director. 

Szymon is a director responsible for business development at a food delivery company based in Warsaw. The company was established by Szymon’s father, and he started working for the company hence he graduated. They have production kitchens in multiple sites around Warsaw and deliver pre-ordered food to customers. The company is operating more than 30 food delivery cars beside his father’s company car. Drivers are continuously delivering the goods to the destinations throughout the week making a huge carbon footprint considering the fact the average age of 8 years of the diesel-fuelled fleet. 

As a young manager committed to environmental protection, ha wanted to do something for making our lives better. Searching on the net for an immediate solution, he found urbaniqe, a simple lightweight fleet management service focusing on eco-driving. Going into a trial with some selected drivers, he found that the intuitive smartphone-based driving style is the right tool to improve the eco-consciousness of drivers. It gives them instant feedback and useful tips on their smartphones on how to drive in an eco-friendly way making the emission reduction very tangible, they can be proud of. Drivers started competing with each other who can reduce the most CO2 by the end of the month. This made Szymon happy as a future leader committed to a carbon-free environment. Finally, he managed to convince his father to implement urbaniqe for the entire fleet to accomplish his mission. 

Need to be more green