No fleet management solution designed for small businesses 

Research has shown that there isn’t any easy-to-use fleet management solution for self-employed skill workers or handymen to calculate the estimated time of arrival. However, more than 60% of them would most probably use an affordable solution for that. Have you ever struggled to compete with the concurrence? Have you ever had a feeling that there are no solutions made for you?  

Most fleet management solutions do not focus on self-employed skill workers or small businesses with a small fleet and just a few employees. They aimed for the big companies and mostly designed for trucks. Service prices are calculated for larger companies with extensive use that is often not affordable for small businesses at all. Customers must buy or rent expensive onboard telematics devices that cost 80-100 Euros or sometimes even more besides paying the service fees that might go above 10 Euros, sometimes up to 20 Euros on a monthly basis.  As a result, the vast majority of small business do not use fleet management solutions at all because it is not designed for their needs and they cannot afford them. At Emprovia, we recognized this as a huge opportunity and created a new digital assistant called urbaniqe designed for small businesses. 


Smartphone-based pay-as-you-go fleet management with free trial 

Our research has shown that most small businesses are eager to find a solution for their fleet administration challenges but cannot find one that would fit their needs at affordable prices. We developed urbaniqe to solve your problems around fleet or fuel management even if you are self-employed or running a small company having just a few vehicles. Thanks to our revolutionary smartphone-based tracking you only need your smartphone to access all the features you’ll ever need. No telematics device installation is needed therefore you do not need to invest and won’t risk the warranty of the vehicles. We won’t ask you for any kind of long-term loyalty since urbaniqe is a pay-as-you-go service. It means you can start and re-start using it whenever you’d like to and stop paying for that if it does not deliver any more value for you. Moreover, we grant you an opportunity to have a free trial of Mobility Assistant for up to 60 days. Only two things you need to sign up for your revolutionary lightweight fleet management solution that works: your smartphone and the urbaniqe application downloaded! 


Plan your visits with just a few clicks 

On top of the fleet and fuel management services, we are currently developing a revolutionary delivery management function that will be available soon. We are designing it for companies often visiting their customers or service points. With the help of urbaniqe, you can easily plan daily tours based on your schedule, even on your smartphone. Create POIs just with a few clicks to know where your customers or service stations are located. With the right planning you can save up not just time but heavy travel costs as well. We are here for you to ease your stress and create a better atmosphere during workdays.  



Share with others when you’ll arrive 

But we do not stop here! Have you ever been late because your job took longer than expected? With urbaniqe on your smartphone, your digital assistant automatically notifies your precious customers about your estimated time of arrival. It dynamically informs them also in case it changes due to longer time spent at the former service point or you simply sit in traffic jams.  Which means you will be always on time. They will receive a notification to their phone and see when you exactly arrive and they can manage their time to be there when you are expected to arrive. We help you to avoid any confrontation with your customers which is the main source of stress in your work.  No more arguing, no more stress, for good. Plan your trips with urbaniqe and focus on the work that matters for you and your customers! 

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