Challenges of logistics 

Our research has shown that the companies, that work in the logistics industry as the smaller company has struggled to find a suitable fleet management solution. Huge telematics companies offer their services to huge companies only. SMBs are also welcomed but they are not the target audience of their solutions. It is just too expensive for the smaller companies. These solutions require not just a huge amount of money but loyalty and an onboard device installation. Putting a device into any vehicle means that the dashboard had to be torn down which also leads to that vehicle being out of service for a day at least.  

A loyalty free solution made for you 

urbaniqe brings you an alternative solution that is designed for SMBs with up to 10 vehicles in the fleet. It is a revolutionary application that needs only your smartphone. It tracks not exactly your cars but your drivers. The application can be also used to prepare administration by logging the routes and it’s able to scan fuel slips for the fuel settlement. Sounds good right? Let us tell you an even greater fact. It’s pricing calculated to put the exact right price tag for your fleet, which comes with an up to 60 days free trial period. It doesn’t need loyalty you use the service as you’d like. It neither has hidden prices, we prefer transparency because as a helping friend we want to help you solve your issues regarding your fleet.  

Proving that we don’t ask for any loyalty or hidden extra prices, you only need to register and use the application and give your credentials after the trial period has expired.  

Smart mobile tracking that simply works 

The innovation is forward-leaning and made for you! Nothing else is needed from you just let the app run in the background on your smartphone, and it does the job. We use artificial intelligence for smart mobile tracking to detect the underlying patterns of a vehicle driven movement, that activates the app from the background and stops working when you arrive at your destination. We automatically register the driving distance, the driving time, speed and relative speed to the surroundings and the time spent at the destination. With that, we ensure that urbaniqe is never tracking you when not driving a car! However, not only tracking information is being collected but we are enriching real-time tracking data with an additional data set from the map provider. By doing so, we can serve you with a bunch of additional services like alerts, notifications, and reports on speeding, driving style, fuel consumption or emission monitoring. You can see or replay the past trips either on the web or in the app on a multi-layer map, in a list view where you can easily edit them. 


Fleet assistant on smartphone 

As your digital assistant, urbaniqe helps you to manage your fleet and fuel expenses in a better way. We offer you various fleet management features like intuitive car creator, easy trip administration with one-click vehicle assignments and smart mobile vehicle tracking. Another important customer need is to be able to select from different usage modes to fit the trip to its purpose. Your digital assistant gives you options of driving modes like Business, Private, Commute or On Duty to administrate trips to their purpose accordingly. This function helps you also with the fuel settlements or with the legal administration of trips. Forgot to switch to another driving mode before making the trip? No worries, you can switch it anytime later in the history view as well to adjust data to reality. This is how your personal assistant works! 

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