Challenges of field sales teams 

According to our research made into customer needs, sales representatives working at small businesses face two main challenges today that can easily be solved by using time and fleet management software.  On the one hand side, representatives are experiencing longer sales cycles. For decision-makers, it takes a longer time to arrive at the decision itself because of the increased workloads and tighter budgets that together often leads to reduced sales volume.   

Another challenge is that salespersons might fail to perform due to low productivity. They spend many hours filling out reports, inputting data or updating documents. They work in a very much controlled environment does not make their sales easier. Partner visits, calls, e-mails, offers, vehicle and fuel consumption all must be documented taking time from actual sales activities.  Companies often try to improve their employees’ productivity by adopting sales administration solutions, but it doesn’t solve the issues related to their vehicles and trips to be documented. We have designed urbaniqe to help small businesses improve sales productivity by easing up vehicle and fuel administration for the salespersons. Nothing else is needed to improve productivity, but the smartphones of the salespersons! 


Smart mobile tracking that simply works 

The innovation is forward-leaning and made for you! Nothing else is needed from you just let the app run in the background on your smartphone, and it does the job. We use artificial intelligence for smart mobile tracking to detect the underlying patterns of a vehicle driven movement, that activates the app from the background and stops working when you arrive at your destination. We automatically register the driving distance, the driving time, speed and relative speed to the surroundings and the time spent at the destination. With that, we ensure that urbaniqe is never tracking you when not driving a car! However, not only tracking information is being collected but we are enriching real-time tracking data with an additional data set from the map provider. By doing so, we can serve you with a bunch of additional services like alerts, notifications and reports on speeding, driving style, fuel consumption or emission monitoring. You can see or replay the past trips either on the web or in the app on a multi-layer map, in a list view where you can easily edit them. 


Separate usage modes by one click to improve productivity 

Salesmen might also use their company cars for personal purposes but separating the two when doing the settlement at the end of the month is a nightmare without using fleet management. In urbaniqe they have access to select from four driving modes like Private, Business or Commuting. There is a Posting mode made available when salespersons use their private cars for business purposes, too to easily settle their costs with the employer. With one click they can change the driving mode or edit it later to match to purpose in the trip history even if they are working or just going for a relaxing trip to the countryside with their families. You can also replay trips if you want to improve productivity or disputes arise. There are pre-defined usage reports to every single driving mode making the settlement easier for everyone.  

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