Challenges of deliveries 

If you deliver your goods with your fleet to your stores or your partners, you should face many issues including time and budget management. Most of these kinds of companies don’t even know that they can reduce costs just simply applying fleet management software.  

Since delivering goods is not the main task of their business, they don’t even recognize the opportunity that fleet management software offers. Even if they do, these services seem to be very expensive. Therefore, whenever they hear the word “telematics”, businesses associate to a very costly, complicated service. This prejudice is not unfounded, those services are really expensive for SMBs, and need loyalty, requires tearing the vehicle’s dashboard apart and it’s mainly for HCVs. (Vehicles above 3.5t) 

Using fleet management software, they could manage their time better just with a few clicks. Vehicle administration is a huge task and takes 20% per month of the time of the company’s administration. This time could be used elsewhere, for example focusing on more important administration tasks like record orders, procurement, human resources tasks and so on.  

Fleet management services can be used for reducing fuel expenses. Huge telematics companies promise a huge decrease in terms of fuel costs, but still, those are for the huge companies with mostly HCVs in the fleet. It only works with an onboard device that has to be installed and pay a huge amount of money for the add-on service itself.  

The revolutionary service, urbaniqe 

However, urbaniqe is a brand new, revolutionary fleet management assistant developed for the SMB sector. With its functions, you can optimize your expenses and reduce the time spent with fleet administration. You don’t need to tear down your dashboard apart or make any loyalty.  

At urbaniqe we won’t ask for any loyalty. It’s a pay as you go service with an up to 60 days trial period and you can leave it anytime and also come back whenever you’d like to! 

Smart mobile tracking that simply works 

The innovation is forward-leaning and made for you! Nothing else is needed from you just let the app run in the background on your smartphone, and it does the job. We use artificial intelligence for smart mobile tracking to detect the underlying patterns of a vehicle driven movement, that activates the app from the background and stops working when you arrive at your destination. We automatically register the driving distance, the driving time, speed and relative speed to the surroundings and the time spent at the destination. With that, we ensure that urbaniqe is never tracking you when not driving a car! However, not only tracking information is being collected but we are enriching real-time tracking data with an additional data set from the map provider. By doing so, we can serve you with a bunch of additional services like alerts, notifications and reports on speeding, driving style, fuel consumption or emission monitoring. You can see or replay the past trips either on the web or in the app on a multilayer map, in a list view where you can easily edit them. 

Smart Fleet&Fuel management 

With the help of your drivers, you can make the administration a hassle-free experience. They can register their refuels by scanning the fuel slips on-site and assigning vehicles to themselves. This feature helps the administration, by reducing the time spent with fleet-related tasks by 20% per month.  

Fuel costs are raising nowadays. urbaniqe, unfortunately, can’t solve the oil prices but can help you to use less fuel and save up money. The application with its AI software will analyse your drivers’ driving style, notify your drivers are speeding. With those analytics, you will have a much more detailed picture of your fleet, and you can optimize your fuel costs by just controlling your drivers.  

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