Monetize the electrification of your fleet with carbon credits

Your electric vehicles not only have a positive impact on climate change and ESG compliance. With every kilometre they run, they also generate financial instruments for you that can be sold on the voluntary carbon credit market.
urbaniqe helps you generate, administer and sell these carbon credits. 

What is a carbon credit and how can it be sold?

When you replace an internal combustion engine vehicle with a battery electric one, you "spare" the carbon dioxide emissions of the former vehicle.  

You can then sell this "right to pollution" to other economic operators who are net emitters, and by this transaction they can neutralise their emissions (offsetting or decarbonising).  

Carbon credits are the units of these transactions, and the voluntary carbon credit market is the virtual marketplace where these transactions take place.

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Long-term financing

Even if the internal combustion engine vehicle you want to replace has not been sold but taken out of service,
you can still generate carbon credits for up to 10 years.

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ESG compliance

If you don't want to sell it,
you can use carbon credits to neutralise (decarbonise) your remaining CO2 emissions, and to meet your company's ESG goals. 

fleet electrification swap

For all vehicle types

You can swap passenger cars or commercial vehicles as well, even retroactively. As long as the old vehicle is a CO2 emitter (ICE, MHEV, PHEV), and the new one is net-zero (BEV).

According to Euromonitor International's survey, the number one barrier to fleet electrification is that electric vehicles are too expensive. 


However, with the technology swap, car owners will be able to generate carbon credits to be sold on the carbon credit market. They can then (post)finance their purchases of electric vehicles - passanger cars and commercial vehicles alike.


Our experts estimate that
you can expect the following revenues
in 120 months

passanger car

2,400 EUR 

10 years/ passenger car

light commercial vehicle

6,500 EUR 

10 years/ light commercial vehicle

heavy commercial vehicle

30,400 EUR 

10 years/ heavy commercial vehicle 

The selling price of carbon credits is mainly determined by the reliability and credibility of the project of origin. urbaniqe has developed an innovative know-how in accordance with the MRV regulations, and verified with the Hungarian Green Cross Association. This verified know-how ensures that the credits resulting from fleet electrification are positioned in the higher quality category. 

Find out more and calculate with us! 

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Reseller Partner

Sell urbaniqe's service to your customers and benefit from the recurring income stream of carbon credit generation.  

We provide you the software and all-round support.

The entry fee is

15,000 EUR

which can be redeemed
for the the registration of 100 pairs of vehicles 

Your share of the sold carbon credits is



White label Partner

Sell the service of urbaniqe under your own brand.  

Develop your own offer for your customers - urbaniqe supports you from behind the scenes as the platform operator. 

The entry fee is 

60,000 EUR, 

which can be redeemed
for the the registration of 500 pairs of vehicles 

Your share of the sold carbon credits is



The above is for general information only and cannot be considered an offer.

Early Bird offer

Join the fleet electrification revolution by 31 March 2024. We offer extra benefits for our Early bird Partners!



Being verified by an independent, third-party sustainability project auditor, Green Cross Association, is not only an honour for us, but an important quality assurance for our Partners.

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Our know-how is certified to be in line with the Core Carbon Principles (CCP) released by the Integrity Council for the Voluntary Carbon Market and the relevant sustainability standards. Above this, it complies with the Monitoring, Reporting and Verification requirements imposed on quality carbon credit origination projects by the largest buyers on the Voluntary Carbon Market.


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