Need for a simple fleet management solution 

Simplicity is crucial for small business owners when it comes to choosing from various IT solutions. They do not have time to read user manuals or watch videos based on recent research made into purchasing habits of small businesses. They need simple solutions that just work without any special computer or smartphone literacy of the users. Learning from this finding, we developed urbaniqe to become the intuitive digital assistant of small business owners that just works in a better way when it comes to basic fleet and fuel management needs in urban use cases. 


Simplicity rules 

Striving for simplicity, urbaniqe gives you mainly two options to choose from in most cases. First, there are two service levels to select from such as the entry level Mobility Assistant and Premium Assistant that consists of some value-added features as well. Second, you can choose from monthly and annual payment options where annual payment gives you further significant discounts. Third, renewal can be automated as a main rule, but you can set manual renewal, too., Fourth, we offer you two types of users, Drivers and Managers. Drivers are driving the vehicles and administering the refuels, while Managers also can act as drivers, but on top of that they can manage the fleet, run reports, receive alerts, and push notifications for the entire fleet and can administer the subscriptions. Last, but not least there are two service interfaces such as the Smartphone app and the Web application with different roles as follows. 


Smartphone App for Drivers 

The urbaniqe smartphone app is chiefly designed for Drivers to become their digital assistant. Its main function is mobile tracking designed to automatically track driving routes using artificial intelligence. By detecting the underlying patterns of a vehicle driven movement, the digital assistant activates the app from the background and stops working when you arrive at your destination. The app automatically registers the driven distance, the driving time, speed and relative speed to the surroundings and the time spent at the destination. Drivers can change the underlying vehicle they drive, do the necessary settings, administer refuels by the revolutionary intelligent scan, access to past trips to edit and get reports and notifications based on the digital assistant concept in a smart way. Please do not forget to check the necessary settings on your smartphone described in FAQ and make sure the app is up and running and you are logged in every time before you sit behind the wheel. 


Web Access for Managers 

Every single user has access to the web surface of urbaniqe as well as to the smartphone app and using the very same credentials that are a justified e-mail address and a personal and secure password. However, the web application is chiefly designed for Managers ensuring them access to more complex value-added functions like route replay, managing user rights, creating various vehicle or user groups or scheduling and grouping reports besides company registration and subscription management. The urbaniqe web application is recommended to use on notebooks or PCs, therefore we developed basic management functions into the smartphone app too for Managers on the go. 


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