Challenges of fleet management services 

Recent research among owners of vehicles under 3.5t has shown that vast majority of them are not using fleet management services because they do not want to or simply cannot plug in or mount a telematics device into their vehicles. There are multiple reasons for that like serious concerns of losing the warranty on their vehicles, technical and logistical concerns around on-board devices. Others simply cannot afford to invest into them or do not want to take loyalty period fleet management operators often require. The ultimate finding of the research said the pain of small businesses around fleet management is not big enough to make a buying decision into traditional fleet management in large number. As consequence we see a very moderate penetration in Europe among light commercial vehicles around 20% and insignificant very low one digit percentage on the passenger car market. The urbaniqe’s mobility assistant concept was born to address that challenge and delicately designed for small businesses. 


A revolutionary mobile first concept developed 

We truly believe that a mobile first concept based on smartphones and artificial intelligence can deliver tangible benefits of urban vehicle owners when it comes to basic needs around fleet and fuel management or eco-driving. We ensure small businesses enjoy lightweight and straightforward fleet management services in a better way than ever before. Customers can use it for an affordable monthly price with a free trial option, but without taking any kind of loyalties or on-board device purchase as pre-condition. We consider urbaniqe is revolutionary way for vehicle owners who want to have a solution beyond navigation but cannot afford complex and costly fleet management services. We are here to help! 


Bring your own device! 

Thanks to urbaniqe’s revolutionary innovation you no longer need an on-board device to track your vehicles or collect real time data from them.  Just simply use your and the drivers’ smartphones instead of complicated and expensive on-board devices. You only need to download the app and it starts working for you. We simply free you up from the boundaries around vehicle tracking and fleet management! 


Smart mobile tracking that simply works 

The innovation is forward leaning and made for you! Nothing else is needed from you just let the app run in the background on your smartphone, and it does the job. We use artificial intelligence for smart mobile tracking to detect the underlying patterns of a vehicle driven movement, that activates the app from the background and stops working when you arrive at your destination. We automatically register the driven distance, the driving time, speed and relative speed to the surroundings and the time spent at the destination. With that we ensure that urbaniqe is never tracking you when not driving a car! However, not only tracking information is being collected but we are enriching real time tracking data with an additional data set from the map provider. By doing so, we can serve you with a bunch of additional services like alerts, notifications and reports on speeding, driving style, fuel consumption or emission monitoring. You can see the past trips either on the web or in the app on a multi-layer map, in a list view where you can easily edit them. Furthermore, you can simply replay that in a revolutionary new way to always be in control of your fleet working on the move. 

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