Rising demand for eco-friendly solutions 

Environmental protection is getting more and more important as a consequence of global warming. Efforts to minimize the carbon footprint of businesses has become one of the favourite discussion topics among business decision-makers. So does small business owners. Recent research urbaniqe has made into urban mobility clearly shows that there is an increasing demand for eco-friendly solutions when it comes to urban fleet management. Today, the share of small businesses committed to the “going green” initiative is only around 20% in Central and Eastern Europe however it has been doubled over the last two years and counting. Moreover, we have found that “green-oriented” customers are more likely to implement technology-driven new applications than others. 


How to become “green” having an ageing fleet? 

When digging deeper into eco-driving, small business owners often say that the average age of their fleet is quite high, sometimes above 10 years. Their business is not profitable enough and they cannot afford to invest in low or zero-emission vehicles in large numbers. Aged urban fleets are a serious bottleneck hindering companies to go green. It is a fact, but we did not give up on our ultimate mission to contribute to the long-term sustainability of urban societies.  Based on a revolutionary new approach, we have developed urbaniqe to provide an easy-to-implement and affordable solution for small businesses with aged vehicles to go green. With that, they can also contribute to environmental protection in a better way. 


Driving in a better and eco-friendly way 

One of the key innovations of urbaniqe is that we can provide you with eco-driving solutions like driving style without mounted or plug-in onboard devices. Using artificial intelligence your drivers are being analysed and rated on the fly around their driving style based on horizontal and angular acceleration, relative speed to traffic and so on. For doing so, we use only cheap and always available smartphone data of the drivers enriched with external big data sources for advanced analytics purposes. As a result, we can advise them to become more efficient and eco-friendlier when driving in different traffic situations. For us, it is a reward to see our customers constantly evolving in terms of their driving style making our urban environment more sustainable. 


Projected fuel consumption and CO2 emissions 

But urbaniqe does not stop here, we want to give you instant feedback on projected fuel consumption and CO2 emissions figures for our customers to be able to become more eco-conscious. The beauty of the solution is that we do not need anything else than smartphone data to compute these figures with the help of our service platform based on artificial intelligence. We just collect telematics data from your drivers’ smartphones and provide you with the projected actual fuel consumption and emission results in exchange at 95% accuracy or even higher. The application sends you instant reports and notifications on fuel consumption and emission data showing you the path to how your drivers are improving in terms of minimizing your company’s carbon footprint.  The solution is instant and available at affordable prices and can be implemented for aged fleets without any investments made. Just forget the costly mounted fleet management solutions, you can easily have it in a better way! When you want to “go green”, just download and start using urbaniqe, your new digital mobility assistant! 

Need to be more green