What do customers miss from fleet management? 

Recent research conducted among small businesses has shown that fleet management services are often considered by customers having less than 10 vehicles mostly in urban use as very technical oriented tools designed solely for professional logistics companies operating large trucks. They find them too complex and not customer friendly enough for everyday use in urban circumstances. Two third of them said they would like to see a smartphone-based digital assistant instead that helps them to overcome the difficult daily administrative tasks. They are dreaming of a buddy they can rely on and who is living in their smartphones. This inspired us to develop urbaniqe as your mobility assistant always in standby mode that is here to help in a revolutionary way when it comes to vehicle administration. 


Your digital assistant is within reach 

We have created an intuitive mobility assistant application designed for small fleet owners driven by artificial intelligence that does its job autonomously. It is running on your smartphone and constantly assisting you as your helping friend every time you hit the road in the city.  Even if you are a CEO, an administrator or a driver it helps you with various intuitive functions. Let urbaniqe become your buddy who is freeing you up from the stressful administration tasks! 


Fleet assistant on smartphone 

As your digital assistant, urbaniqe helps you to manage your fleet and fuel expenses in a better way. We offer you various fleet management features like intuitive car creator, easy trip administration with one-click vehicle assignments and smart mobile vehicle tracking. Your smartphone detects you are driving and starts tracking and stops it when arriving at the destination. You can easily stop tracking with one single click or delete the track anytime later. You also have an option to manually correct historic tracking data when it comes to the driver behind the wheel, the vehicle in use, uniting or splitting up tracks if needed with just a very few clicks. Another important customer need is to be able to select from different usage modes to fit the trip to its purpose. Your digital assistant gives you options of driving modes like Business, Private, Commute or On Duty to administrate trips to their purpose accordingly. This function helps you also with the fuel settlements or with the legal administration of trips. Forgot to switch to another driving mode before making the trip? No worries, you can switch it anytime later in the history view as well to adjust data to reality. This is how your assistant works! 


Intuitive alerts and notifications 

Use urbaniqe as your reminder of expiring driver or vehicle-related documents or alerts when drivers are speeding or misfuelling. We offer you a variety of pre-set ad-hoc and scheduled reports on mileage, driving time, trips in different driving modes, drivers’ behaviour or fuel consumption. You can easily choose from a bunch of reports with a single click to save you time and get rid of stressful car administration. On top of that, we keep you informed by numerous alerts, notifications and give you useful tips. Just sit back, enjoy and relax! 

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