5 tips to reduce expenses through gentle – now measurable driving

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2023.03.21. 16:21

Effective and cost-efficient driving is important not only from the perspective of environmental protection and safety but also in terms of the costs of the car. Examining the driving habits of drivers can be an important saving opportunity not only for companies with fleets but also for individual car owners. Moreover, these habits can now be tracked with measurable data. Here are some general tips to help you reduce your car costs: 

  1. Drive gently

Aggressive driving style and sudden speed changes can increase fuel consumption. Drive gently and evenly, use the gear shifts properly, and avoid sharp turns and speeding. By sticking to speed limits, you can reduce fuel consumption and you can maintain the condition of your car. 

  1. Shift on time

In most cases, the car's transmission is manual, and selecting the optimal rmp is one of the most important factors for cost-effective driving. Driving at the optimal speed, the car uses less fuel and the engine will continue to maintain its state longer. 

  1. Don't let the engine idle unnecessarily

If we stop for a short time, it is not worth running the engine as it significantly increases fuel consumption. If possible, turn off the engine - even during short stops. 

  1. Keep the following distance

Safe driving and efficient fuel consumption require keeping a proper following distance with the vehicle in front of us. Maintaining enough distance allows us to have a speed that avoids sudden braking, which also helps with fuel-efficient driving. 

  1. Use the advantages of slopes

If you are going downhill, let the car slow down naturally and only use the brakes when necessary. If you are going downhill and the car's speed exceeds the allowed speed limit, use the engine brake instead of the brakes. This is important because the car's braking system can wear out due to heavy use, resulting in repair costs. 



If you own a small or medium-sized business and want to place even greater emphasis on optimizing expenses, urbaniqe offers tracking options with the help of an intuitive digital assistant. Using artificial intelligence, our application analyzes your driving style, which you can view in graph form. What's more, we have created the urbaniqe index, which evaluates drivers on a scale of 1 to 10 based on how efficiently they drive their vehicles. Thanks to this, our clients can simultaneously reduce the cost of their car fleet and become safer drivers.