Urban Mobility Challenges

Based on the unequivocal estimations, the exponential growth of city dwellers coupled with the stagnating then slowly declining population in the countryside will result in an over two-thirds urban people proportion of cca. 9.5 billion inhabitants on our planet by 2050.

The challenges of municipalities nowadays, and with growing importance in the future, are urban governance, social issues, environmental impact, health, and mobility.

Motorized mobility has become one of the biggest challenges of cities, dwellers and even of companies with car fleets throughout the common phenomenon of the amplifying motorized mobility needs and the harmful impacts of it.

There are solutions for company car fleets to tackle cost and fleet control related challenges. Conventional tracking-based telematics solutions and free apps target the highest and the lowest need segments devoid of answering the pains and gains of a significant groups in between.

In the CEE region, comprehensive research shows the needs and openness of small companies in regards to fleet managements solutions. A disruptive solution is to answer these needs for companies with small fleets of light commercial vehicles and passenger cars.

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