"I live in the suburbs and commute every day to work. Beforehand I had constant arguments with my superior about how much distance I've driven when calculating travel costs. Now, with urbaniqe it's transparent, I simply download and send the automated commute and on duty reports to my boss and it's done in a better way. The stress is over!"- Mira, recruiter. 

Mira is an HR recruiter who commutes 60 kilometres a day from Budapest to her workplace and back. For her, public transport is not an option because she takes the two kids to school along the way. Furthermore, she often needs to use her car to visit business partners during the day which is also compensated by her employer besides commuting costs. 

Before finding and downloading urbaniqe, transparent administration of these routes was complicated and took much time after the working hours every single day. She always had to fill out a form and give it to the finance administration. Travel costs and distances made were always a subject of argument. She decided to find an easy and transparent solution on the internet, but most of them were quite expensive she couldn’t afford or required a long loyalty period she didn’t want to take. Except for urbaniqe that needed only her smartphone to track and let to choose between driving modes. Moreover, it was the cheapest solution and required no loyalty period to take! This was exactly what she was searching for. Now, Mira is handing over the commute and on duty reports to the company’s administrator with one click in a very transparent way every Friday.  She has just calculated a saving of more than 4 hours a month that now she can spend caring more about her kids instead! 

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